Afra Shopping Centre
Khartoum - Sudan
Tel: 0120973497
Fax: 0155129292
مركز عفراء للتسوق
الخرطوم - السودان
تلفون : 0120973497
فاكس : 0155129292
بريد الكترونى
(Afra Mall)
Location :
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Afra Mall is located in the Eastern District of Arkaweet , bounded to the east by Capital Bank Building , to the south by Alsalam Rotana Hotel and Children's City , to the north by the Green Square and to the West by Africa Street .
Afra Mall is designed to include areas for the presentation of goods and other entertainment and other activities . In the basement there is parking and a banqueting hall and stores for dry goods and vegetables, and fruits and refrigerated stores and a plant for the manufacturing of pasta and a restaurant for staff and service facilities and rooms supplement the ground in a restaurant and Masjid .On the first floor lies three cinemas, including break rooms, bowling alley and amusement and a hall of children, gymnasium, restaurants and fast food restaurants .The construction , The building has three floors: the basement - ground - first The Architect , Islamic model building:
The technical side , There are three elevators in the building, electrical, mobile Slim, a network the building include fire and the gas network and the network of central air-conditioning, water and . Company Name : MZK Shopping Complex Co Ltd .
Opening date February 21, 2004 .
Total area 35000 square meters .
Building Area of 13000 square meters
Garden and Parks:
Includes a number of playing machines for children and meeting family and toys, and green plants
Everything you wish for and dream of the Sudanese family is under one roof, more than forty thousand classified from the electrical machinery and equipment, electronics, and flowers and accessories.
Products include: All types of fresh and frozen foods, canned - the tools and home appliances - furniture and furnishings - ready-made clothes - sports equipment - electronics - household utensils.
The level of service
More than five hundred staff and highly trained staff member - are offering their services for shoppers and visitors center - special attention to each and every guest shopper - special care for family members, especially children - a specialized team to consider the observations and complaints. Special services to older visitors .
Department Stores:
The Center includes more than 60 shops of various activities shopping world famous brands from all over the world , also includes a service as Money exchange and transfers and telecommunication and other .
Clothing :
The best types of ready-made clothes for all family members (men - women - Youth - for children) as well as footwear for all levels and ages, here only to find the role of fashion products including the world-known names in the world of fashion
Equipment and electronics
The latest products from the world of electronic devices (televisions - video - all the audio and video equipment different).
Bowling hall
This is the first hall was opened in the Sudan for the exercise of Sport Bowling. Contains 8 tracks of the terminal and processed in accordance with specifications and international standards.
Has also been the addition of several billiard tables and a cafe of the Internet and Advanced cafeteria to meet the pioneers of the wishes of the terminal.
Entertainment: movie
Three movie halls accommodate 600 people, offers the latest Arab and foreign film shown in cinemas at the same time, the indoor system used an interview to the Dolby Digital audio technology developed sound.
This can also be used in conference rooms, meetings and lectures with simultaneous translation for four languages, with the possibility of the use of projectors in the lounge.
Restaurants and cafes
Restaurants and cafes and a number of food and beverage outlets that are not available anywhere in Khartoum: the meals and food suitable for the Sudan in addition to taste dishes from the Middle World and the West.
Catering sector
Offers all types of meat, vegetables and fresh fruit the best price under the supervision of a health and safety to ensure a thorough medical food according to the highest levels of World Records.
Fitness room and beauty
This section was the best processing equipment and sports equipment to maintain physical fitness and physical fitness Sport devices . and women's hairdresser and beauty, as well as a sauna room and shower basins (Jacuzzi). This department is supervised by a doctor and specialists in the field of health and fitness.
Maintenance Services Section
This section supervises the work of all the various maintenance and repairs for all damage status by skilled technicians, Turkish , Sudanese and Egyptian , as well as the responsibility of this section in the supervision of the AC and power station consisting of electric generators and large working in the case of a sudden interruption of electricity. As members of this department oversees the reservoir and the gas distribution network all over the place.
Laboratory Quality Control
This laboratory was established for the attention of the health of the consumer and offer high quality products.
Carried out the examination and careful analysis and delicate in health and micro-chemical specifications and according to international standards in a laboratory using the latest electronic devices and sophisticated laboratory, and supervised by a team of experts and professionals in the field of food and quality control all goods for sale on the shelves take place only after final approval of the specialist in the laboratory .
It also initiated work in this section veterinary specialists in the field of veterinary inspection of all meat in the beginning of the entry refrigerators and cooling in storage until the presentation of the consumer in the hypermarket , many specialist representing a crew of this section within the field trips to hypermarkets periodically sampling and re-tested to ensure consumer safety.
In general, this section is the follow-up end dates for all goods and commodities in the Hypermarket .
To ensure the conservation of food a longer period has been established more than 15 electric cooling room reservation foodstuffs such as meat and cheese, fruit and vegetables of different temperatures, depending on the quality of the stock (20 degrees Celsius below zero and even 7 degrees Celsius), and electric refrigerators built of metallic materials in order to ensure the safety of the food stored.
Department of Information Technology:
This section is the heart of this company connecting via the modern and sophisticated computer control of the central computers every one of them leads a particular purpose, linking the computers of more than 80 PC serves all of the administrative sections 35 Cashiers .
Security Section:
This section works to support and assistance to facilitate the security and safety for the Center and the goods and the public inside and outside the Center. This section includes :
1. The formal security: working to conserve the building and the security of ports of entry and exit of visitors and shoppers
2. Civil Security Service: concerned with the maintenance of security with shoppers, and direct intervention in the matter and the need for follow-up of any suspect.
3. Camera surveillance system: This section is the staff of the periodic and continuous monitoring of all sites within and outside the center of more than 30 cameras control of angle 360 degrees. The registration of these devices for each video footage from these cameras, these devices can keep more than 1000 hours register, then the archiving of these images in CDs and contribute as evidences .
There are also other electronic security mechanism distributed to all the exits to the center and cashiers
To protect the building in the event of a fire we have more than 30 water hoses, and a sufficient number of fire extinguishers have been installed early detection of fires and alarms, are monitored via a specialist determined the site of the fire and directs the electronic control room team to site directly to buy time and take the necessary action. .

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